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Chloe Vaughn - About Me

Hello beautiful people! I’m Chloe! I started this blog as my own personal creative outlet. Here you’ll find some of my life inspirations. You’ll see different DIYs, my personal style, hair and makeup tutorials, and all sorts of things. I love to beauty, fashion and all things Do-It-Yourself. I also love to save money! That being said, my goal is to show you how create fabulousness, sometimes even with a not so glamorous budget! Things don’t have to cost arm and a leg to look fancy, you just have to be creative and let that part of you take over. Never fear, I’m here to help! It is all about finding your inspiration and the way you look at things, I find mine in just about everything.

The truth is, I am still shifting through my life and finding myself. It might be messy but my plan is to create a fabulous adventure!

Things I love:

  • God
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Animals
  • Writing
  • Reading… I even read the cereal box over and over again as I’m eating… PRETTY good stuff
  • Lilies
  • Candy… I’m working on it, but I swear gummy bears love me as much a I love them.
  • Music… I’m not too picky
  • Dancing
  • Colors

Things I hate:

  • Bugs…. Er… Especially spiders. Why do they need so many legs anyways?!
  • Hair altering weather… I’m a natural hair girl so that speaks for itself.
  • Anything that has become soggy… including cereal, pancakes and socks.
  • Overly ripe bananas. I just can’t. That is a fact.
  • Buying something and then it going on sale… Did I mention I love saving money?
  • Traffic… Just. It’s an awful thing that preys on the innocent hardworking individuals of this very world and sucks the life out of them! Talk about evil.


  • Be happy.
  • Be healthy.
  • Inspire and help others.


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