Spring 2016 Makeup Essentials

Chloe Vaughn - Spring Makeup Essentials

While recently I have admire the bold looks trending in makeup via the hottest runways and red carpets, I have also found them to be a tad exaggerated for my normal everyday lifestyle. I’m not afraid to admit that I find it hard to wear makeup every single day. I know that there are girls that stay BEAT even for the grocery store, but I’d be lying if I tried to convince you all that that was me. I only wish I had that much motivation. So this is my version of “go to” makeup spring essentials that you will need in 2016.

Nude Lip

While I love a bold lippie just as much as the next girl, if I’m going to be honest my go to lip color more that likely is a nude color. Nude is different for everyone so be sure that the your nude is a good match. If you are of a darker complexion like myself, make sure you have a liner that can help transition the color.

My favorite lip combo right now is grunge lip pencil by ColourPop and Rose Femme by Milani. It’s a great nude for my complexion and has the perfect amount of rose to give my look some color.

Peachy Blush

I know what you are thinking… peach doesn’t work for everyone. But I beg to differ; even I can make it work. This color flushes your face like only a spring fling can.

My favorite peachy blush is Coral Cove by Milani.


As we are transitioning into more sunshine you might find that your skin isn’t really giving you that kissed by the sun quite yet. That normally, winter was errr… harsh to say the least. But no worries summer is on the way to give you that warmth you’ve been craving! In the meantime you can fake it ‘til you make it with a bronzer!

My favorite “bronzer” is actually from a contouring kit. It is the True Complexion Contour Palette by Black Radiance. For my complexion I use the medium to dark palette and use the darkest color for bronzing but they do have a lighter to medium palette making it pretty versatile for many color ranges.


Can’t get a kissed-from-the-sun look without a highlight. It just makes you glow like a heaven sent angel. You know what I mean?

Lucky for you the palette I just mentioned by Black Radiance has an beautiful highlight already included. Score!

Winged Liner

Okay ladies, let’s be honest. Theirs is always room in every season for a winged liner. However, I do feel that it is most appropriate in spring given its whimsical nature. You are more than welcome to choose a wing that is either subtler or a tab more glam depending on your style. I choose glam as your look can take it since everything else is really fresh and neutral.

My favorite liner to user right now is L’Oreal’s Lineur Intense in carbon black.

Bold Lashes

I love a bold lash but falsies are not practical for everyone. Never fear, mascara has been getting better with making everyday lashes look fuller and longer. This goes hand in hand with the whimsical thing I was mentioning earlier.

My favorite mascara is the Voluminous Miss Manga also by L’Oreal. Your welcome.

Golden Neutral Eye

I choose a shimmery neutral eye the spring because to me spring means effortless. This brings attention to your eyes without you having to try to hard…. kinda like magic. I would advise you to have a kick ass transition color slightly darker than your skin tone to give you some depth, a shimmer neutral for your lid for sparkle, and a rich dark neutral for the outer corners of you eye for mystery. (Hm… sounds like the perfect woman doesn’t it?)

My favorite right not is an oldie but goodie. The Naked One palette by Urban Decay has everything I need for a neutral look.


Eyebrows literally change your whole look. Don’t leave them hanging; that is all.

My favorite brow right now is using the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade. It literally stays in place all day. And in case your wondering I use too shades because clearly I’m complicated: Granite to outline and Chocolate to fill in and then blend the two to be seamless.

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I hope this help you get an idea of some things you might need for your everyday spring makeup look.


P.S. everyday makeup does not mean I wear makeup everyday. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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